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After being in my current studio space for 8+ years, I'll finally be moving to a new space in Saint Peter. In a way, I'll miss my old space, especially the people who work in the building who have become friends over the years. However, I'm really excited to be moving into the new studio space. Instead of having a ceiling with barely 8 feet of clearance, I'll have 16 feet of clearance. Instead of being on a second floor, I'll be on ground level. The new space is closer to home (less than a mile).

Visiting artist and juror

On Monday, January 22, I'll be in Vermillion, SD visiting the school where I got my MFA in painting. I'll be there as a visiting artist, and to juror the annual Stilwell student exhibit. I'll be doing a lecture Monday evening at 6:00 p.m., and spending most of the day Tuesday, January 23, jurying the exhibit.

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